The Quran in Tawafuk and Risale-i Nur Collection in MecTab

Reading Habits Exactly Same

Each page of app has designed as the same as the layout of original book. Dictionaries in the same place.

Hayrat Library

• The Quran in Tawafuk, Word by Word Translation of Quran, Risale-i Nur Collection, Al Jawshan Al Kabir

Always on Your Side Portable 7” Library

One more reason for using MecTab: It is small and only 600gr

to Read Big Size 9,7”

Close to the size of Medium-Sized Books.

Very Easy To See The Meaning of Ayah

Simply Touch On Ayah

Say Welcome to World of Android

MecTabs comes with Android 4.01. You can arrange your office files, send mails and download more than 600000 apps from Google Play.